Senin, 08 Oktober 2012

Waste Reduction at a rubber factory


Industrial rubber factory at the moment is growing rapidly in North Sumatra province, especially in high cliffs, with the rubber plant can absorb a lot of work, helping to reduce unemployment, but it also can bring in the rubber manufacturing industry large visa for the State. In addition to the benefits obtained from the rubber factory, rubber industries also have a negative impact on the environment masyarakat.karena rubber factories also emit hazardous waste on the environment hidup.sehingga waste reduction is very important to do so as not to damage the environment.

 Background of the problem

Waste generated by the rubber plant is very dangerous to the environment especially rubber factory located in the region tinggi.hal cliff is very important to note that both of the plant and the factory waste pemerintah.sehingga can be overcome with a certain way in order not to damage the environment. so the plants have to be quick and precise handling that is not contaminated plant waste kemanana.

 formulation of the problem

 1.result from plant waste to cope with the waste plant